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Crochet Mermaid Tail Pattern

A crochet Mermaid tail

This was just the thing my little girl needed to cheer her up – a crochet mermaid tail I made up, and then wrote the pattern for.

This was probably my first time winging a pattern and trying to write it down!

My daughter had seen the mermaid tail blankets and expressed a liking to them “Mummy, I want one of those!”

So I looked for some suitable yarn to use – and couldn’t find any – this was a couple of weeks ago now, I even looked at Ice Yarns – but I couldn’t find one that hit the brief of bluey green with some pink (her request)!

Then I went to a local shop that sells pretty much everything from baked beans to curtains … with a little corner of yarn, and I found this!


A quick search online and I found a great pattern for the actual tail shape here.  Which would of been perfect – had I actually read the pattern fully!  I did standard HDC (no BPO) – and I made it a little bigger – reducing another row.

You can find the Shark pattern here ➡️


The rest – well I made it up as I went along – it’s a type of granny stripe  – I will write up a pattern when I get some time – but heres some photos for now. (Just realised I have odd socks on – I’m sure I will write a blog entry on odd socks one day – but this is very usual for me!)


Luckily, we are both on the mend now!  I do think being a mermaid for a few days perked her up though!

The full pattern for the Crochet Mermaid Tail Pattern can be found here ➡️

2 thoughts on “Crochet Mermaid Tail Pattern

  1. I’m sure a doctor type person (maybe Dr Phil or Dr Suess, but a doctor nonetheless) once told me that sitting and doing crochet is bonafide rest. And if a doctor says it, it must be true!
    Beautiful work on your mermaid’s tail. I do like how you’ve kind of sewn it on partly folded to give the tail fin some extra dimension!

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