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A few nights away up North

The Easter holidays were almost over,  previously we’ve always gone away – Lanzarote last year (the kids still talk about the mini club man Martin on a daily basis), Dubai the year before, Egypt the year before….. you get the ideas.  Time to escape the Great British weather and get some sunshine.  This year, my husband was away with work in America, so we didn’t get a whole 2 weeks away.  Instead….. we had 3 nights in a mobile home in Lincolnshire!

I have to admit the kids were as excited by this as they are about going on plane!

“Mummy – when are we at our camper van”  me  “it’s not a camper van it’s a caravan”

On the morning – packing to get ready – my little girls asks “has the camper van been delivered” I think Peppa Pig has a lot to answer for after Peppa has a camper van and they drive it around as their holiday!  Again I explained it’s a caravan.

So loaded into the car, with bikes attached, we set off.  Only 2 and a half hours away, and driving through the fens I remembered how completely flat they are!  Something you forget when you live at the top of hill!  Photos from a moving car taken by a 7 year old……

IMG_0914 IMG_0916

It is beautiful though – and the rape seed was just justing into flower.  We even saw a daffodil farm!

We arrived, and the excitement grew even further when they actually saw the caravan!  A room for them to share, and they cupboards were a great source of amusement – hiding in them to be specific!

Day one – we headed to the beach, and what a glorious sandy beach it was too!)


It was a beautiful sunny day – but cold and windy – even for UK standards!  Probably about 14 degrees C.


We saw this funny red box in the middle of the beach so went to investigate.  It turned out to be a ‘famous’ Mablethorpe sand train …… nope we’d never heard of it either!

£1.70 each on a return journey and off we went!


Much to everyones delight – as you get to Mablethorpe they drive in the water!


A little explore of the seaside town and a ‘famous’ steak pie (again we’d never heard of it) from Dave’s. A little trip to the boating lake and train ride (this seemed to be turning into transport day again!)

IMG_0859 IMG_0853A very enjoyable day being chased by kite surfers on the way back.


Day 2  and what a contrast!  Weather was cold, 9 degrees, windy, raining and generally awful!  So what do we do????

Go to the beach of course!


Kite flying today.  Now this is on of those activities that always sounds good and fun but will ALWAYS end up in everyone getting angry at each other for one reason or another!

Today was no exception!

One kite up in the air – full length string, the boys decide to get the stunt kite out.  I’m stood holding kite number 1 and can’t do anything.  Kite number 2 tries to be launched, and fails as the little person launches it at the wrong time!  It then spins and spins and spins and spins and spins……….. and spins getting into a complete tangle.  But it’s so windy that it needs to be pinned to the ground to stop it taking off!


20 minutes later – I’ve finally managed to get kite number 1 in to assist getting kite number 2 in the air.  It’s a scary beast – frightens me when I have to launch it as it makes a horrible noise as it whizzes around.

But it was finally a good day for kite flying!

IMG_0161 IMG_0165 IMG_0206Daddy finally let ‘the blue one’ have a go.

IMG_0195 IMG_0189 IMG_0188 IMG_0187 IMG_0185

While the girls sat shivering playing in the sand.

IMG_0179 IMG_0176

IMG_0177 IMG_0199 IMG_0180Until we gave up – and went back to do what the British do – put the kettle on!


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  1. Gosh that looks freezing! We have those kite board thingos at our local beach too but the fellas are on surf boards. Looks like a lovely family holiday though! Id love to go on that beach train!

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