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The Russian Crocheted Panama Hat (in English!)

So if you’ve been following my blog you’ve seen some of my  trials with the Russian Hat – and then my eureka moment yesterday.

I’m very lucky to have shared this journey with Louise – on the other side of the world in Melbourne!

The post yesterday showed an unfinished hat – modelled by a balloon.  This morning I’ve finished it – I’m full of cold, but it needed doing…..

IMG_0284For this one – I’ve done leaves based on this pattern, but I’ve joined them using chains to get the length.  They are made with my favourite yarn – Yarnart Begonia and a 2.5mm hook.

The roses are a kind of made up pattern (different yarns and hook sizes to get the variations).


DC in the 2nd chain from the hook, skip a chain and DC in the next one and repeat.

The for the pink one I think I did 6DC in each hole.

The white ones – SC, HDC, 3 DC, HDC, SC in each hole and then sew together! and directly on the hat!  I’ve added beads rather than buttons this time – just for something a bit different.


It’s Saturday – so my model is home and I’m willing summer to come so

1. she can wear these hats, and

2. I can take some photos with a more interesting colourful background in my garden!

IMG_0314 IMG_0307

12 thoughts on “The Russian Crocheted Panama Hat (in English!)

  1. Thank you so much for your part in figuring this hat pattern out! You said you made this hat with one less section than the hat that Louise did, right? May I ask how old your little girl is? I’m trying to crochet one for a 4 year old and one for a 2 year old and the person who is asking me for them is not able to get head measurements! Makes it a little more difficult for me!

    1. Hi, My little girl is 4 – but is on the tiny side (if you do centiles for growth she’s on the 9th – the size of most 2 year olds – just measured her head – its 49cm)! The pink one fits her perfectly. I’m part way through a yellow one – made with 16 sections like Louise’s pattern – this one is for a 7 year old (about 52 cm).

      If you don’t have heads to try the hats on – I’d do 15 section for a 2 year old, and the 16 section for 4 year old. The yarn you are using does make a slight difference though too! Can I see the results when you’ve made them?

  2. Thank you for your information! I was doing a hat with 16 sections and that hat fit me! Now, while I have a smaller head than average, I think that this might be too big for a 4 year old. The only thing my customer can tell me is that the girls I am crocheting for are pretty average. Not really very helpful! But I am having so much fun making this hat! I am now making it with only 14 sections and I think that if it looks too small for an average 4 year old it will probably fit the 2 year old! I have a hat/head chart that says the crown circle diameter for a 2-5 year old should be about 16cm. That’s quite an age span, but that is what the crown measured with the second hat I am doing. So much guess work, but I am making sure my customer knows that I am having to guess about the size!

    1. I’ve just measured the diameter of the hats- when they start to become straight (about 3 cm up from the brim).The results are:
      15 sections (Begonia yarn) – 18cm (fits 4 yr old)
      16 sections (Begonia yarn) – 19-19.5cm (fits 4 and 7 year old)
      16 sections (My darker pink one – I’ve listed in the blog but can’t remember whats it called now – very different yarn) 21cm.

      Hope this helps

  3. Yes that helps a lot! It confirms what I thought last night when I finished the brim on my hat! I think I am making mine too long! I am looking at a chart and thought I should be making it around 18 cm! No wonder the hat still looked much to large last night when I finished the brim. It seemed to be the right diameter, but there was too much length! I took out 3 rows of the brim and I think that it will work now. But I will keep in mind for future hats (since I have 3 more ordered from me) to go with less rows in the body of the hat before I get to the brim.

    Thank you so much for your help! I really want to get the hang of this pattern. It’s so cute and such a great seller!


  4. Thank you for the English pattern, just made one for my granddaughter. I don’t know how to add a picture to show you sorry.

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