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The 'Other Hat'

A couple of weeks ago I made ‘that hat’ – you know the one, the wonderful facebook pictures of the little girl wearing wondering summer hats, very intricate and covered in beautiful flowers and beads.  You can see how I did it here with the help of Louise’s post.

Then I decided to try the other one, looks more see through basically. So after studying the Russian you tube videos, along with the visual pattern and a free pattern found on Etsy here, I managed to come up with what resembles a hat – again, I changed the brim to be my own (and then I changed it again – another post soon)!

So – starting with the  suggested mercerised cotton – in this case – Yarnart Begonia in a few differently colours (bought off ebay from Luthuania, a 2.0 and 2.5mm Clover amour hooks (a lot kinder on my hands), and marker I was off.

Which colour?
Which colour?


I got a bit carried away and forgot to take photos of this purple version, but you’ll get the idea.


I made it to be 16cm across – which according to basic maths suing Pi should fit a 52cm head, or what I was aiming for – a 7 year olds head.  It came up a tad big – in fact it fits me (and my little girl but it wobbles a bit).

On this hat, and the blue one you’ll see soon (another different brim), I changed the brim again to be mine.

Both start from 2 rounds of SC, then on the third round do 1 SC in 2 stitches, 2SC in the next stitch.   For this purple hat I then did FPDC, BPDC all the way round for about 5 rounds – I used a 2.5mm hook – and it was a lot kinder on my hands.  The last row is a SC all the the way round.


So then you have a hat….. What colour flowers???


Now with my little girl wearing them (she didn’t really want to – as I think you can tell from these photos).IMG_0570 IMG_0568 IMG_0566

I asked on my facebook page for suggestions

These won….


Patterns will follow if you’d like them, but now to model our hats (I do clean her honestly – she just seems to attract dirt!).


Oh – and this is me…….IMG_0699


Now as you are reading this – this is the next hat I’ve been working on.   A completely different brim, which has been changed numerous times (you will see the different versions), and I will publish the pattern here shortly (when the flowers are done).

Do you have any suggestions for flower colours before I set to work????

What colour flowers?
What colour flowers?

6 thoughts on “The 'Other Hat'

  1. Nice to see a photo of you modelling a hat!!
    I loooove that mercerized cotton! I might have to jump online and buy some too! I love its glossiness.
    I think some more yellow daffodils and light pink flowers for the teal hat would be nice?
    A lovely lady left a comment on one of my posts about these super amazing leaves which i thought you might like. The link is to a youtube video that shows how to make them (in russian of course!) But you can crochet along i suppose. I haven’t had the chance to give it a go yet but they’re very pretty!
    Xox Louise

  2. Hi Louise, Thanks for the reply – I’ll take a look a look at the leaf pattern for the hat – thanks, and crochet along with it! I love mercerized cotton too – couldn’t decide on the colours hence ended up with so many!!!

    Glad you like me photo – not sure I’m the most photogenic of the family – think my little girl gets that award!

  3. Hi, I really enjoy the pics of your daughter and her sweet grubby face. She’s the perfect model for the Cloches. I’m obsessed with them too. Still trying to perfect the sewing on of decorations. Could you do a blog on your technique. Thanks for your humor too… Keep on yarning 😍

    1. Thanks, I’ll see if I have time for a post on how to add the flowers, it seems such a long time ago Louise and Myself published those posts, it’s amazing people are still popping by to read them!

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