I have to admit that I love this time of year.  From the depths of winter when its cold and dark, finally the UK seems to be waking up!

I’m a morning person, or a lark – which you might discover from the time most of my blog entries will be made.  I get up while the house is still, and quiet, and hope to take the dogs out early while it’s peaceful and the birds are singing.

So this week has seen the sun just starting to appear on my dog walk time – 6am onwards, and I just have to share some of the amazing sunrises with you.  These are taken pretty much the same place on my walk, with my phone – so no the best quality, but still worth sharing.IMG_0104

IMG_0109As my little boy would say “a smoked salmon sky”


IMG_0119 IMG_0136

Then this one taken about an hour ago!IMG_0140Hope you like them as much as me

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