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Spring, a cheeky chook and sneaky peak and the 'Other hat'

This week has flown by, I remember sitting here at this silly hour of the morning sharing my sunrises lat week while the house slept…. and here I am again!  Monty and Luna (who I still need to introduce) have been walked, and I’m sat in my (what is turning in usual) Saturday morning spot in front of the computer (although my daughter has just woken up so I fear I won’t be here for long).

In the UK we had a huge event yesterday morning – a partial eclipse of the sun.  My little boy was so excited and school even let the children go in later so they could see it.  Lots of people have posted the most amazing photos on social media – so here’s my (ermmm) brilliant photo…………..

The eclipse
The eclipse

Yep – a complete let down as thick cloud all morning, we didn’t see anything!

I’ve just looked through my cameras to see what else I did this week, and there’s quite a bit of crochet, and lovely pictures of spring………… a one very cheeky chicken!


I can’t wait to see these pots in flower.IMG_0605

The first tulip out in the garden – the others are no where near flowering so I think one is a little confused!IMG_0598

My miniature nectarine tree – in blossom in the greenhouse (time to send my son out with a paintbrush to be a bee)!IMG_0573

Hyacinths in flower in the house – their smell is very potent!  I can’t quite decide if I like it or not – but my husband voted not when he moved them last night!

Now for a Chloe – 2 different days – she invited herself into the house!

IMG_0102 IMG_0267

So – I promise a sneaky peak of the other hat- well it’s finished!  But I want to spend a decent amount of time writing it up properly – hopefully later today……


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