Chickens and eggs – which came first?

I sit here not quite knowing how to write this.

We’ve had an imposter chicken in our midst.

Daley – has been happily taking credit for laying the blue eggs for about 2 years now.  I’ve been up there thanking her every time a blue egg has been laid.


Then at the weekend we made a huge discovery,  the blue eggs are in fact laid by Mo!


The children were being a little bit mean and not letting Mo lay her egg in the private nest box – they kept opening it up to see her at which point she’d disappear then cluck and moan and then reenter the nest box.

The kids finally left her alone (after being told at least 10 times) then 5 minutes later Mo appeared clucking away- straight in the children went – to discover the blue egg!


I feel a bit cheated by Daley.  Both girls are arucana crossbreeds so had a 70% chance of laying a blue egg, but only 1 does (apart from the old lady – Marmalade who used to lay lovely blue eggs).

So what do we do with all these eggs – we get about 4 day, and my daughter is allergic to eggs.  Yep – absolutely typical, no boiled eggs and soliders, no scrambled eggs for her!

Well – I was browsing in blog land and found these cute patterns for eggs cosys from Petalstopicots and thought I’d give them a try.

I’ve decided though – even though I am angry at the deception of the chicken – I’m very thankful for their eggs – which appear to be extra large as I had to make the pattern bigger

8SC to begin with!

IMG_0468 IMG_0467

Boiled eggs for breakfast


The imposter – in the middle of these three – trying to eat my seedlings through a glass door…… she’s not the brightest chook!IMG_0473

5 thoughts on “Chickens and eggs – which came first?

  1. I truly enjoyed my visit to your blog! I use to raise chickens and ducks. They are full of antics! We had several breeds of both. My Mallards were one of my favorites, they lay a fantastic blue egg.I had one chicken we called Henny Penny, so was a hoot, she chased a mouse from the barn one time and caught it and swallowed it in one GULP! Our ole dog Jesse would bury his rawhides, and Henny Penny would find them and dig and scratch them up and hit them in her nesting box.. Your kids will enjoy them so much, my grandchildren when they were little could not get enough of them!

    1. So glad you liked my blog. One of our first ever chickens was a pekin bantam called Penny- and she too was very funny. They all have their own personalities even though they are chickens! I don’t think I’d be without them now and the fresh eggs are a real bonus!

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