Some time in the sun

It was half term last week, and we deserted the usual British weather (which I’ve since been told was horrible), for some sunshine and a well needed rest in Cape Verde.

We arrived in rain – one of the 7 days of rain the country apparently has – and it showed as nothing was ready for rain for queuing to enter the country and the taxi ride to the hotel (luggage in the back of a pick up)!  What a strange country – obviously tourism is just starting here – so in many ways you can see the country as it is before all the tower block hotels are built, but in this case, well where we stayed anyway, there was literally nothing else!

We left the airport, and joined what seemed like a main road, and then all of a sudden were off roading in over a gravel path, between to extinct volcanos, and then onto roundabouts with only 2 of 4 exits finished!  The hotel was beautiful and just what we wanted, but the beach………….. oh wow…………..the beach!


Apparently the worlds 4th best – and it was beautiful!


Leo doing some gymnastics in the sun.

Next land Antartica!
Next land Antartica!

But as it was a rest I decided to crochet something for me – I found a great link here ( for a scarf – Luna Lovegoods from the Harry Potter films – and in a moment last year I’d bought a surprise hand dyed wool from Cuddlebums, and didn’t know what to do with it!  So a few days in the sun and this is photo journal of my scarf.





I finished it and wore it on the last night!

One thing to mention about Cape Verde – the most amazing waves……

IMG_0716 IMG_9687

and a picture of me in the sand drawn by 4 year old Phoebe


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