My first blog entry

So here goes……..

I’ve had this blog for a while – but it’s sat empty waiting for me to decide what I want to write to about…….. this is where I drew a blank!  

I thought I wanted to write about crochet, and my love if anything yarn and hook based.   I thought I might add a little of bit of what I do during the day in – just for good measure too – but how?

Then at book club last night (Yes – it’s a real book club – not just one where a group of friends get together and moan about their husbands), I was told by a friend to get on with it and start blogging……. so here goes!

It’s 8.10am, and I’m sat in my Pyjamas, already nipped out to feed the birds, and the kids are watching My Little Pony next door – and it’s snowing outside!  Real snow for the UK – but nothing very dramatic and luckily the blue child has seen sense and not donned his snow gear and gone into the garden!  Although he did a couple of days ago to build this fantastic fella!



(This is where I’m completely honest and can say I’ve looked at the computer, clicking buttons, looking at different programs and 20 minutes later I still haven’t got a single photo downloaded ….. curse of the iMac and iPhoto – that I have an annoying pop up in the middle of the screen I can’t get rid of!!!!!!!)

Finally (and I’m hopeful the photo gets here as I’ve carried on writing)………….

But then in true busy mum style – I started this on Saturday – and all of a sudden its Thursday already!  We’ve had loads of snow – the kids jumped out of bed – got dressed in record time and were playing in the garden by 7.45am!


Then we went to school in style (one benefit of living at the top of a hill).


The dogs had a wonderful walk – Luna thought it was the best fun and Monty – we – he was just Monty!

Monty - my afghan lurcher

Luna - My Exmoor Lurcher

I was going to post something crochet related ….. so here’s a sneak peak of a blanket I’m currently working on.  What do you think?

My rainbow blanket

So as a complete novice to blogging – I’ve finally after 5 days managed to upload photos – not quite how I wanted though, and bizarrly changed font in the middle …. oh well – I suppose I’ll live and learn!

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